Love Yourself

love yourself


Love Yourself


I feel these common 2 words have lost their true meaning. These words were not intended to influence a shopping binge of all the newest and hottest clothes, showering yourself with luxurious gifts and habits. These words were not intended to influence selfish acts, instead of self-less. Loving yourself can be complex, and there are many that live their lives without ever coming close. Can you define what loving yourself means to you? 

When you love yourself, you can be anywhere in the world, in any situation, doing anything – wearing anything – with anyone, and you are in bliss. Why? You Know, you are Aware, that you are You! Do you see the value in that? We control our body, our lives. We are inside a life form that has so much Power, so many opportunities, so much Freedom. We are not locked in a cage, starving and alone. We are right now
 in front of an electronic device, choosing to read this article with another choice staring us in the face – Do we Value who we are, or do we put it down? Do we celebrate life every day, or do we take it for granted? Do we see how exciting it is to be a Human Being in this world, or do we put the human race to shame?

We have the ability to be Great. We have the control to Act and Be whoever we want to be. The world is so much bigger than us, and we are powerful enough to change it. We have the choice to love, and spread it – the world needs so much more of it. Life is not an entitlement, it is a privilege – we have forgotten how to love ourselves and we have lost sight on how incredible it is to simply be here.

When you see or think about someone that you love unconditionally, your heart warms, you smile, and you are filled with such beautiful, positive energy. Take a minute, close your eyes, and imagine you are looking at yourself. You know this person, you know how amazing they are, you know how hard they work, how strong they are. Love them. Fall in love with them. Fall in love with yourself – you are the first person in 
the world that deserves it.

SonyaSonya Lagare, first generation mixed race Vancouver born Canadian, has always felt the need to travel. At 15 she spent her grade 10 high school year on an organic farm in Ontario. At 20, she spent a year in Montreal, searching for culture and a way to feed her hunger for discovery. After spending 2 and a half years outside of Toronto studying business marketing and working as an Esthetician at a posh salon in Wortley Village, she couldn’t help but feel she needed more. When an opportunity came to move to Bali she took it with little debate. After parting with almost all of her belongings including her beloved puppy, she found herself catching the travel bug. In search of a life with a focus on more than the superficial, she found herself in India studying to become a yoga teacher. Not only did she learn how to teach, she fell in love with her partial roots in the Indian culture, and learned that beauty is in all aspects of life on earth. She has a passion to teach what she has learned, understanding that pain is a part of life, she has developed ways of embracing and finding gratitude for the things that allow us to grow. To Sonya yoga is not just a way to exercise, it is the pathway to learn about yourself and how to love yourself, and in turn, how to love your life.

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