Love Yourself

love yourself


Love Yourself


I feel these common 2 words have lost their true meaning. These words were not intended to influence a shopping binge of all the newest and hottest clothes, showering yourself with luxurious gifts and habits. These words were not intended to influence selfish acts, instead of self-less. Loving yourself can be complex, and there are many that live their lives without ever coming close. Can you define what loving yourself means to you?  Read more »

New Year’s Resolutions…. Plan to Succeed!

My new years resolutionsPLAN to be successful this year!

Sometimes we want to change so much in our lives that we put together a long list and jump right into trying to accomplish them all. As a result we can find ourselves overwhelmed, struggling and juggling.

Success comes more easily when we choose the ONE thing that will make the biggest impact on our lives. Work with that one change until it become a habit, a natural part of life. Read more »